Movie: The Intern

What's it about:
 About The Fit (ATF), a booming online clothes website, hires senior intern, Ben Whitaker. He becomes the personal assistant of self-made entrepreneur-mom, Jules Ostin, who struggles with her expanding online empire and family life.


Ben Whitaker is played by Robert Di Niro.
He plays a very lovable old man, brimming with wisdom and all. I found the opening scenes rather heart-breaking though. When you're kinda lonely, even though you try very hard to fill up the days. *fear*

Jules Ostin is played by Anne Hathaway.
She wears really trendy stuff and runs a cool, chillax start-up. She's a mum too, wow. Go working mums!

I loved the white coat that she paired with this pair of sunglasses, it really reminded me of Vogue's Anna Wintour. 

I've found Anne Hathaway super memorable in The Devil Wears Prada, and remember her fondly in The Princess Diaries. I definitely enjoyed her performance in this. I kinda think she could act even more stressed though (I think I'm too used to seeing super stressed people in Asian dramas/movies.)

She's a very familiar, beautiful actress that fit the screen role. Young, spirited, with a lot of heart.

We also have the dude whom you may recognise from the Pitch Perfect movie series. 
Adam DeVine plays the funny guy Jason who gets advice from Ben to jio a girl in the office. He's mostly there for the laughs.


What I liked:
The front part of the movie seemed to have tighter editing and more humour (mostly dick/sex references).

The second half the movie was more drama driven. I liked when the 'too good to be true' parts started to crack. Perfect is very flat and boring to me. It's more interesting when movies shows flaws in characters- it makes them infinitely more interesting to me.

Plot wise, I loved the idea of the online start-up, it's something people can definitely relate to. Though it's kinda hard to believe that Jules has a kid, an intense job, and still looks so glamorous every day. Haha ok give chance movie life, yeah? If anything I hope the movie inspires and encourages women everywhere to keep going at it. YOU GO GIRLS!

I liked the CEO plot, mainly because I've been reading some 'business-y' books that talks about the insider world of luxury goods (Jimmy Choo), Coca Cola, or Pixar.

I also liked how the movie tackles aging, experience, and the treatment/stereotyping of old people in society, as well as in the workplace. Agism (like sexism) is very real.

Movie was about 2 hours long. I was okay with the pacing, but I'm not very convinced by the development of Ben's character. 

After a while it seemed like he could do no wrong, and everyone was treating him as some kinda saintly Aunt Agony. I felt that Ben's character ended up being flat and felt more like a device for the other character's stories to be told. In other words he gradually felt like a filter to me. 

That said though I would love to have someone like Ben in my life to mentor me.

The ending was like... what. 


I guess they're trying to say that we should all really take a chill pill and just roll with the times. But I don't think it was a good way to wrap up the 2h movie. The movie explored many themes: working mum, seniors, work life balance, etc. I thought some themes were shown well though.

Eg 1: I felt that bar scene was botched with poor dialogue. Jule's tirade was not particularly enlightening nor entertaining here.
Eg 2: Ben just smiles and takes all the shit he's given. o_o For a while he felt a little like a doormat.

Not sure if these could have been dealt with better?

I also disliked the non-resolution of Jules' relationship with her mother... I think that worsening relationships with parents are quite common occurences that people can relate to... and to have the whole thing just peter off quietly seemed a little anti-climax, especially with the big heist scene in the middle. So that's definitely one thing I would have loved to see being dealt properly with in the film. 

Like I said, there are many movies vying for our attention and money in the cinemas now, such as The Martian and Pan, which I have yet to catch.

Honestly I went into the cinema fully expecting to cry. But I didn't. Tear ducts were all healthy last time I checked for Royston's 3688, so uhm. Also the trailer also depicted some of the best parts and humour, so.... don't expect too much I guess?

Not touching enough for me. Encouraging for female entrepreneurs maybe. Some laughs here and there, OK pacing. Expected more from this. 

How about you? If you watched the film, what do you think?