Checking out Yakiniku-GO and how it compares to Yakiniku Like

Hey guys! What's sizzling?

I went to check out another Yakiniku chain. Last time, we went to Yakiniku Like, but this time we tried out Yakiniku-GO!

Don't be fooled if you see no physical queue. Nowadays many restaurants employ the ticket queue so keep your eyes peeled and grab your number!

This Parkway Parade outlet is way more spacious than the PLQ Yakiniku Like outlet. In other words, dining here is much more comfortable!

You order through a QR Menu system. We went for the recommended sets that come with rice, soup and a choice of a small salad or kimchi.

Me: I thought they're Japanese? How come they have Kimchi?
Sis: *Shrugs*

Our sets came within minutes.

Here's the Double Karubi Set (200g, $21.80) which consists of Beef Short Plate and Beef Boneless Rib. Shout out to the yummy Short Plate, what with the melt in your mouth texture. 

The other set, Yakiniku-GO set (200g, $21.80) which includes a ribeye steak, beef tongue and beef short plate.

The beef steak was surprisingly good!

We also enjoyed the yuzu dipping sauce! Felt like it had a hint of garlic and black pepper too. The other sauces were alright, nothing particularly special.

Kimchi was also good with beef though it seemed out of place in a Japanese grilled meat restaurant. I wonder if they offer kimchi in Japan???

Here's a fun way to enjoy your beef~

Make a beef 'sushi'

1. Set up your beef like how you would make a sushi roll.

2. The chopsticks method.
Just grab and go!


There are also side dishes like edamame, chawanmushi and veggie platter (mushroom, corn, sweet potato). Lettuce costs $3.80 while butter costs an extra $0.50.

Okay, I think I need to make a comparison chart between the two restaurants since I keep comparing them in this post anyway. (This could have been a good YouTube video eh?!)


The cheapest sets for both restaurants are priced at $9.80 (Karubi 100g). However, Yakiniku Like's price is nett while Yakiniku Go will charge you GST and Service Charge. 

Both restaurants offer Wagyu, steaks and et. Yakiniku Like offers pork jowl while Yakiniku Go offers seafood like scallops, squid, prawn and salmon. 

Yakiniku Like offers beer while Yakiniku Go only serves stuff like green tea and fizzy drinks.

Both offer a range of dipping sauces, but my preference so far is Yakiniku Go's yuzu garlic sauce. 

Special promotional dishes from both include Cheese fondue from Yakiniku Like and Spicy Miso Nanban set from Yakiniku Go.

A quick look at some online forums in Singapore suggest that people prefer the value for money Yakiniku Like over Go. Some also prefer Yakiniku Like's quality of meat. Yakiniku Like has been around for a longer time though, so maybe that could also be a deciding factor. 

For me, I hate queueing so maybe a bigger outlet with more seating like Yakiniku Go will be preferable because I have a higher chance of being seated faster 😂 A hangry girl is a dangerous girl.

Which do I prefer?

Currently I enjoy Yakiniku Go's beef steak, but it is the most worth it when you get it in a set ($21.80 for 200g) VS ala carte $14.80 for 120g. The steak however includes beef tongue which I don't want to eat...

If I have time to kill (and queue), I'll go for Yakiniku Like! However, if I prefer a more comfortable and spacious environment, Yakiniku Go is a decent choice too. Also, because Yakiniku Go has a member program where I already have 3 stamps and am eligible to redeem a free dish, I think my next visit will still be to Yakiniku Go. 

What about you? What do you like or dislike about these two restaurants? Leave a comment below~

So... can GO or not? Yes! 

Parkway Parade
Singapore 449269

Things to note:
🍖 You only have 50 minutes to eat
🍖 Be early to beat the queue
🍖 Sign up for the member program and collect stamps for free dishes and/or discounts!