Movie: Turning Red

I wasn't drawn to the movie at first. Glad I gave it a chance though. Here's the trailer!

Thinking back, I probably wanted to give this a skip because I feel like I was once like Mei Mei. Unfashionable, slightly chubby, nerdy looking kiddo with spectacles. (I think I'm still like this actually LOL). Who wants to be reminded of their uncomfortable childhood? 

There are plenty of Asian elements - down to the beautiful cooking sequence that Ghibli fans will appreciate. Temples, lore, a study table that resembles my own, obnoxious in your face aunties... there was plenty for me to relate to! But it isn't the same for everyone.

criticism from... a white man

You might have heard of the news where a white critic was lambasted for his review.
By rooting Turning Red very specifically in the Asian community of Toronto, the film legitimately feels like it was made for Domee Shi's friends and immediate family members. Which is fine — but also, a tad limiting in its scope. Some Pixar films are made for universal audiences. Turning Red is not. The target audience for this one feels very specific and very narrow. If you are in it, this might work very well for you. I am not in it. This was exhausting. -Sean O 'Connell (Cinema Blend)

Basically he felt like he was unable to relate to the show. 


W-O-W. Who can relate to a girl that can change into a red panda? Or talking toys in Toy Story? Growing up, we watched cartoons and shows that had American sets and American ideals. Sleepovers, macaroni and cheese, shoes in the house, calling your mum by her name... I could not relate but we still enjoyed the shows anyway. 

I guess growing up where your culture isn't in mainstream global media and film does make a difference huh! Perhaps we are more accepting of films from different countries and cultures. Reading subtitles is just another way of life. Also, isn't the whole point of movies or books to let you escape into new worlds and scenarios? /Shrug. Read more about the debate here.

In the end, the core messages from the movie are still about love. Love for family, love for friends, love for the community, and above all, love for yourself and the strength to find yourself and forge your own way forward, as it is in most Disney films. Nothing really changed here. 

4Town - the hottest boyband in town

The idea of 4Town is also hilarious because it's so on the nose what with fandoms everywhere today. Though the style is old-school,  4Town is a boyband like never before! There's diversity and representation. From some angles, Tae Young looks like Jimin omg. 

The most 'mixed' boyband/boy group I have seen IRL so far is maybe Citizen Four. Check them out here with a Kurt Hugo Schneider collaboration. 

I don't think they are even together anymore, but Josh Levi is actually voicing one of the 4Town members! I love Josh Levi's album. BTW, this dude can sing, dance and write. Gosh. 

Yup, I enjoyed this movie more than Encanto (even though Encanto's soundtrack was excellent). 

Come on, this furry red panda is just too cute.

I won't comment further as I want to keep this post spoiler free.



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