Old school cakes perfect for tea time!

Hey guys! I finally got the chance to try some nostalgic traditional cakes from Uncle Lee Confectionery.

photo of shophouse of shop called uncle lee's confectionery

I've seen the peanut cake on social media and was really keen to try it! Some backstory for you: Uncle Lee was the head baker from Hock Ann Confectionery and has been baking since 1984. He has since struck out on his own after Hock Ann closed. His new physical shop is located in the Bugis/Haji area, and is really close to the Sultan Mosque!

We made an order online and did a self collection. Some cakes get sold out really quick so we made sure to order in advance. Delivery is also available at $12 islandwide (barring places like Sentosa).

First up, let's check out the Nostalgic Buttercream Cake ($20)! We selected the Peanut and Vanilla Sponge. This cake also comes in flavour variations of chocolate sponge and chocolate sprinkles. 

Oh... the peanuts smelled so fragrant!

The vanilla sponge was soft. Think denser than a pillowy chiffon pandan cake but still soft and fine.
 The traditional buttercream was fairly light with hints of sweetness and saltiness.


We also ordered the Kaya Cake ($28). It's 8 inches.

We were too busy cutting the cake and I forgot to take a photo of it in its entirety 😂

However, here's the cross section!

The outer layer is a fragrant pandan Kaya 'jelly', or 'kueh'. Best eaten cold! This cake is light and can be eaten in a few mouthfuls. It also passes the 'not too sweet' Asian standard with flying colours.

How does it compare?

The colour is markedly different from kaya cakes from say Bengawan Solo. Bengawan's outer layer is also more stiff while this one has more of a soft and wobbly consistency. 

Concluding Remarks

At first I preferred the Peanut cake but now I think this Kaya cake is more delightful. Both cakes are not shockingly AMAZING! or a MUST TRY, but they are decent, good cakes! 

Tips 🍰

  • The cakes need to be refrigerated due to the cream etc, so make sure you have ample space in your fridge. You can also slice them and store them in containers.

  • However, the fluffiness of the sponge will be affected due to it being in the fridge, so try thawing the cakes in room temperature for about 15 minutes, or best, enjoy the cakes on the same day for ideal softness!

  • To try two flavours, we split the cakes between two households. At first we included this half and half as a request but they did not cut the cake for us. It is likely due to

    (a) the cakes being of different height. Therefore, they are stored in different sized boxes.

    (b) the kaya cake also tends to be more 'wet' due to the jelly, so it's probably not a good idea to put them together without some kind of plastic of aluminium foil divider.

  • The cakes use a light sponge that is really easy to eat. Great for light desserts and tea time. You probably do not need to share a slice...
Other items on the menu include traditional butter cake, banana cake, custard puffs and butter cookies. You can check them out on their website: https://uncleleeconfectionery.com/ or at their physical shop!

Uncle Lee Confectionery
4 Jalan Pisang
Singapore 199071
(Closed on Wed and Sun)

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