Morinaga Pancake Mix from Donki

Today we're trying out a pancake mix from Don Don Donki.
It contains 4 bags of flour mixes!

All you need to do is add an egg and 100ml of liquid of your choice. I used soya milk.

1. Add the liquid to the egg and mix.

2. Mix in the flour gently.

3.Pre-heat your pan to medium.

3. Each mixture makes about 3-4 big/thick pancakes.
Pour 1/3 of the mixture into pan and turn the heat down to low.

4. Add a tbsp of water at the sides and cover with lid for a fluffier and more moist pancake!

My first pancake came out a little burnt because I was too chicken to flip it in time. Oops.

I had no blueberries nor strawberries at home so we'll make do with a nice little tangerine!

The outer layer is crispy but the interior was soft! I'm really surprised by how fluffy it was. It's a little like a cupcake. Love that.

Much better than the usual pancakes I make - those tend to be flat even though I add baking powder.

Let's go for a second round. This time I tried to stack the pancakes like how souffle pancakes are made.

They ended up rather ugly HAHA. 

Nevertheless they still tasted fine! I added honey to them. You can also add maple syrup, whipped cream, nutella, ice cream or basically anything you like!

Would I recommend this pancake mix?

✖ Price is ~$7.90 ($6.50 from NTUC) Plain flour is about ~$2.20. 
✔ Saves you time and effort - you don't have to measure and make your own flour mixture
✔ Good for a light breakfast for two (or one if you don't want to share)


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