October 12, 2020

Which is better? Lotte or Orion's choco pies? Let's compare them to see the difference!

Lotte: Bought from NTUC
Orion: Bought from Sheng Siong

Lotte: Manufactured in Korea
Orion: Manufactured in Vietnam

Lotte's chocolate smells better to me! Compared the height of the pies and Lotte's is slightly taller.

Let's take a look at the cross section.

Well, it's very obvious that Lotte has more marshmallow filling! This gives it's pie a fuller and pillowy texture when eaten. For the cakes, I felt that the Orion cake is flakier and drier.

Well, I'm not sure if it's because of the manufacturer, or because I'm more used to eating Lotte's Choco pies, but I'll crown Lotte as the winner because overall it just tastes better to me! I'm a fan of marshmallows too so it's quite a straight-forward win.

This was a fun post to make - I got to eat two choco pies and I finally satisfied my curiosity of which pie I prefer. Which choco pie do you prefer and why?  Let me know :-)


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