Which is better? Lotte or Orion's choco pies? Let's compare them to see the difference!

Lotte: Bought from NTUC
Orion: Bought from Sheng Siong

Lotte: Manufactured in Korea
Orion: Manufactured in Vietnam

Lotte's chocolate smells better to me! Compared the height of the pies and Lotte's is slightly taller.

Let's take a look at the cross section.

Well, it's very obvious that Lotte has more marshmallow filling! This gives it's pie a fuller and pillowy texture when eaten. For the cakes, I felt that the Orion cake is flakier and drier.

Well, I'm not sure if it's because of the manufacturer, or because I'm more used to eating Lotte's Choco pies, but I'll crown Lotte as the winner because overall it just tastes better to me! I'm a fan of marshmallows too so it's quite a straight-forward win.

This was a fun post to make - I got to eat two choco pies and I finally satisfied my curiosity of which pie I prefer. Which choco pie do you prefer and why?  Let me know :-)



  1. I have always liked Orion Choco-Pie more than Lotte, so I was surprised that you preferred Lotte. One thing I noticed was that the Orion Choco-Pie that you tried was made in Vietnam. The Orion Choco-Pies that I am accustomed to are made in Korea. Perhaps they are better? You should try to get “real” Orion Choco-Pies and repeat this test. They might be different.

    I like both Lotte and Orion, but I think Orion is just a little better, and they do cost a bit more where I live, in Canada. Anyway, thanks for doing this important research.

    1. Hi there!
      Ah, that is a good point. I'll redo the test when I get my hands on Made in Korea Orion pies! That should even the playing field. Thanks for leaving a comment :)

    2. Agree! A lot of people I know recommend Orion and I tried it. Definitely better than Lotte! <3

  2. Hi Skye! I came across your blog while doing a google search on the differences. I've always had Lotte's Choco Pie here in India. Yesterday while shopping i just grabbed a box on my way out and didnt even notice its not Lotte. I think that's the most popular one here (more Ads). Anyway, when i took the box to open it up today i noticed that it's not Lotte, but Orion. Never came across this company. So i did a bit research and got hooked. Lol. I'll TRY to save one pack of Orion ChocoPie before i finish them all and then go get a Lotte box too, and do a comparison too. They're both manufactured here in India i suppose, so probably a little more carelessly made. -MK

    1. Hi MK! Awesome! I was just thinking of buying some new Chocopies when you left this message. It's interesting that you said there's more ads for Orion in India. The red packaging really does look similar and I always have to double check. Saving the last pack sure is hard but I hope you get to do a comparison too! Do let me know what you think! :) - Skye

  3. Hey! Just got through this article. I was curious as to if Orion was a cheap copy of Lotte since here in India, Lotte is so much bigger. This article was so fun! I decided to do my own research too. I regularly get myself Lotte so I'm fairly used to them but oh my, Orion is a whole thing in itself.
    Orion got some stuff really right, like the cake size was good, not too big not too small and the chocolate flavor mm! It was the best! But the marshmallow filling? It sucked so bad. It was moist and wet banana like, not good marshmallow.
    It also left a bad aftertaste for some reason and makes me feel a bit sick.
    Overall, I like Lotte much better tho I wish they cut down a bit on the cake and added more of that yum filling!

    1. Wow! Thanks for leaving a comment. The moist wet banana marshmallow description sounds awful... we deserve good puffy marshmallows!!!