I danced in the fire created for me

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Hello friends~

Just going to be continuing these random updates on life!

I tried the Samyang Light instant noodles for the first time. It's supposedly 40% less spicy, and contains less calories too! Thanks DL for giving me this to try!

Now I've never tried the fire noodles challenge, so I approached these noodles with some trepidation.
Shared a bowl with my sister. Taste wise, it's alright! SPICE wise... it was fine for the first few mouthfuls, and then the heat intensified. Let's just say that this bowl of noodles can be really helpful in clearing any blocked sinuses or in detoxing your body.

Like many others, I watched the new Netflix series, Emily in Paris. It's completely fluff and doesn't have much plot, but we are treated to fashion eye candy. Everything is chic.

Even the umbrella is chic.

The series reminds me a lot of Devil Wears Prada...to the point where sometimes the actress looks like Anne Hathaway to me, especially the big eyes and her facial expressions!

These couple days have been EXTREMELY hot. I caved and bought some ice cream.

My parents enjoyed the guava sourplum one, while I preferred the pulut hitam one! Yums #supportlocal

Hope everyone is doing okay. If you're feeling low, maybe these cute pet grooming videos will cheer you up :)

Here's one of a teeny weeny puppy.

And one of a mega adorbz chow chow!

And a grumpy cat who really did not like his bubble bath.