Trying Perk Coffee ☕ Freshly Roasted Coffee to Your Doorstep


We received an exciting package yesterday! My sister ordered some coffee from Perk Coffee, which is a subscription coffee service in Singapore. *This post is not sponsored, we paid for everything.

Gotta say, the packaging was great! Stylish and fun. There were also many cute little touches that encourage you to be a repeat customer. Check it out!

A welcome card

A little coffee passport card that you can 'stamp' by pasting stickers, encouraging you to try all their beans from all over the world.

Some basics brewing tips if you're new. You'll also see a button magnet in the background.

I'm not the coffee drinker at home (duh, I have a #teatime series...), so these two packets of coffee were chosen by my mum. We got the French Press version because we don't have a coffee machine. If you do, whole bean options are available too! 

Some of the options you can choose from on the website.

Taste wise, we found both flavour profiles rather mild despite the dark and medium-roast labels. Maybe these coffees will taste better as cold brews? 

Since it's our first order, there's a 50% discount using the code PERK50. So these two 125g bags were $9.45 instead of $18.90, with free shipping. Attractive promo!

Visit their website to browse their range:

Have a brew-tiful day!

P.S.  If the PERK50 code no longer works and if you're interested to get $10 off your first order, you can also use our referral code by clicking here, or type 'skyesoon' in voucher section. Enjoy!