Holland V Mini Escape


Today's photographs are taken by the most talented leelee  (@lsiminnn). We had a mini escape from work at Holland Village. Used to come here more often when I was studying in university, often having ice cream with friends from Island Creamery and The Daily Scoop!

First stop, bagels for lunch at Two Men Bagel House! The shop has a really laid-back, aussie/safari vibe. The staff are very enthusiastic, friendly, and have loud ringing voices. I have been eyeing this place since forever and I was very excited to finally try their bagels!

Mademoiselle Chantal with Garlic Bagel ($11+ $3)

This is my bagel! Love the sauce, love the bagel, love the flavours. The garlic bagel has fried garlic bits too! 

Sausage Fest with Cheddar Bagel ($9 +$3) 

Look at the beautiful cheese pull. The sausage patty is really thicc and juicy! The Cheddar bagel is also slightly crunchy. Double yum.

You may get a bit of Mcdonalds Mcmuffin deja vu vibes in regard to taste, but with a couple more bites you will find that their flavours and textures are much better of course. Totally worth it! Expect some queues and limited seating in the current covid situation.

We picked up some baked goods at Tai Cheong Bakery (again, more queues) before heading to Arabica across the road. Leelee tells me that this one of their rare Arabica cafes that serve food. The cafe is beautiful in its white, airy interior, and super busy too! 

Did you know what the % symbol stands for? Leelee tells me that it's supposed to be the coffee bean hanging from the plant. Never knew that hahaha. I like this branch because the others at Orchard and Bugis are insanely PACKED. 

It's sooooo nice to head out for a leisurely time. Looking forward for peak period to be over so I can get started with some old and new hobbies!