slice of life

Hey guys, how have you been?

This post is purely just me blogging about my life. It's the time of the year where you can't help but ask: 'where did the time go?' Indeed, 2020 has thrown us tons of curve balls. It's hard to feel optimistic at times.

But let's keep our chins up. Some updates from moi:

Some songs I've been listening to~ 

Lexie Liu 刘柏辛 - 佳人

Really like her fusion of styles and attitude. Up and rising! I think she's in one of the seasons of the China Rap show I've watched too... will catch that sometime! 

I've also recently found out about music genius Jacob Collier. His covers and works are very creative and refreshing. It also does not hurt that he works with some of my favourite artists like Kimbra. Love that creative energy. He really inspires me to me more focused in life -  his zest for creation is simply infectious! 

Snack time

Tried this chocolate cream puff from Chateraise! Sis bought it for me heheh. It's yummy!

We also tried a box of Crepe Mille cakes from Don Don Donki. Two cakes for $7.90! There are strawberry, chocolate, matcha with red bean and plain flavours available. We chose a box with strawberry and chocolate. The strawberry mille crepe was really yummy, with a sweet light flavour that many Japanese sweets possess! The chocolate was not very sweet and could be richer though.

Now that we can't travel, it's nice to 'visit' Japan in the form of Don Don Donki. Ah... all the 老人言 are true - travel when you're young and travel when you can. 

Online Malay Course
It's the third week for my Future Learn Malay course! (Read about Week 1 here) It's been challenging but Quizlet has really helped me in memorising vocabulary and phrases. I can't quite converse (duh, it's only been three weeks of 'book' studying), but I've caught snatches of words I now recognise in conversations on the bus! That is encouraging for me. Haha. Duolingo, although annoying because of repetition, somehow helps me too. I'm going to finish up this course and further my study using children's books and perhaps Malay shows and videos. Excited to learn. 

Signing off,