dumplings.ru - 12 course Russian food experience!


I have an exciting post to write today! We visited dumplings.ru, a restaurant that offers Russian dumplings and cuisine. They were previously called 'angmohdumplings', a name that tickles me too. The restaurant is opened by a couple who has lived in Singapore for 16 years.

Let's check out the cute interior.

We're here for the 12 Course Russian Experience Set!

Upon arrival we are served with two large mugs of 'Kompot', which is their in-house brewed fruit punch. It reminds me of fruit vinegar drinks.

Appetisers! I enjoyed the simple and peppery Spicy Carrot! I don't really like eggplant and beetroot hahaha. The Eggplant somehow reminded us of a black bean pork dish in Chinese cuisine. 

Next, enter the Ukrainian Borsch soups! It consists of Russian classic pork, cabbage, beetroot, tomatoes and potatoes. Warm and hearty!

Our second soup is called the 'Solyanka', or salami sour soup. It's a thinner soup with plenty of herbs, bits of sausage, salami, and rice inside. Next to it is the Smoked Salo, or Pork belly with rye bread and hot mustard.

Dumplings time! We played a game trying to guess the flavours. I've only named some of the dumplings I'm certain of in the pictures! I think the unnamed ones are pork dumplings and potato dumplings. Heheh. We loved the 'Black Bull' best, with its strong beef flavour. 

The dumplings have a slightly thicker skin than Chinese dumplings that I'm used to, and are served with sour cream. Chinese dumplings also tend to be soupier! 
(Chinese food is our reference point because we're Chinese and that's what we eat most of the time...)

Meat Stew, with potatoes, meat and vegetables! Yum. Getting really full now...

Throughout the meal I tried to think about all the Russian fiction (Anna Karenina, The Gambler, andif you accept an American author, maybe The Bear and The Nightingale) and Russian history (USSR, Cold War, Tsars etc) I know. The characters probably grew up on such fare! 

Time for some drinks to round off the meal. We chose a Russian softdrink called Tarkhun, and a Blackcurrant Vodka shot. The Vodka was fiery, and you can choose from fruity flavours like lemon and cherry, and Chilli for the adventurous.

It's my first time having this fizzy drink. which is apparently the Coke or Pepsi sub in Russia! It's a soft drink made with a herb called Tarragon. It's a funky Frankenstein green which is perfect for Halloween, and tastes bubbly with a light tinge of herb/minty-ness. 

Can you guess my favourite course of the day? Of course, it's dessert!

This is the Medovik, a multi-layered traditional honey and condensed milk cake. I've seen this on a Russian artist's IG story and I really wanted to try it!!! I love it.

That concludes our Russian food experience! It's yet another new experience for us since we can't travel. Some dishes like the sour soup reminds us of our trip to Poland last year. Perhaps we'll go for a Japanese Omakase or sample some French food the next time!

Here's the link if you're keen to try this 12 course Russian meal. You have to make a booking (via Whatsapp) if you choose this 12 course set on Fave. Our bill was $66 after GST! 

32 Maxwell Rd, 
#01-05 Maxwell Chambers, 
Singapore 069115