Paint By Numbers - Seaside Town 🎨


Introducing my weekend project! Other than the Mini Kitchen, I also bought a Paint by Numbers set from Shopee. Paint By Numbers basically means you paint according to the numbers printed on the canvas. I used to think it was lame because it's not 'real painting' 🙊

It's still not 'real painting' in the traditional sense, but it's definitely a fun an easy way to approach painting as a beginner.

And I have my friend Maria to thank! :)

Check out her her PBN artwork:

Hello, cool or what? Love it! Thanks Maria for sharing this new hobby (and video process) with me! 


So I bought my own set and got cracking this weekend!

The package comes with 

  • A rolled up canvas 
  • 24 colours
  • 3 brushes 
  • wall clips to hang up your artwork.

Here's a close up of what the canvas looks like! It does seem intimidating at first because everything is TINY.

Here's me starting off with the whites and blues. Painting was very alien to me at first. The tips are soft and everything is so formless, as compared to using a marker (my favourite medium).

Slowly I got into the groove, favouring the broad tip brush. The fine tip ones were too small and soft for me. 

Painting is fun for me especially when I get to listen to music as I work. Went through my favourite Paramore, Kimbra and Foster the People albums, as well as ONE OK ROCK, which I recently started to listen to.

Some shading and outlines, working into the night. Yeah it looked so dreary at the start and I won't deny that I was worried hahaha. 

Halfway through I finally understood why people use don't get a huge crick in your neck. 

After a total of about 7 hours of working from evening to midnight, and finishing up in the morning, I was done! You just have to have faith that it would turn out ok, especially when at the start it looks like a complete disaster. 

The end product! Not so shabby huh?! After a while I said, 'to hell with accuracy' and trying to paint within the lines. Dabbing was so much more fun and looks more natural. 

I love how it turned out! Amazing how following number instructions can translate into this. Consider me awed. It's also nice to pretend to be an 'artist' for a night. 

I gained a new level of respect for artists overnight. To get their masterpieces they really put in a lot of effort and thought behind each stroke. My art work will not stand the scrutiny of closer observation but theirs definitely will! 100% props.

A gif of the process:

I hung it by my desk. I quite enjoy looking at it! Killed two birds with one stone with this activity because I've been looking for a painting to hang on my wall. 

My takeaway from this art experience is : Don't knock it till you try it!

I recommend this to friends who don't mind tiny details and a long process. I'm a person who likes to do things in entire sittings but you don't have to - you can spread it out over days or weekends as you prefer :) There are also easier 'pop-art' version if you don't like landscapes like these.

I guess we might be trying embroidery next? We'll see!



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