feeling fresh

Hello there! How are you? I took this photograph outside Two Men Bagels because I found the image really cute. 

Last week I scored some cheap Jin Ramen! 6 cups for $4. It expires in 2021 January, which is more than enough time for me to finish them (as of today, there are only 3 cups left.)

There was another promotion going on for Shin Ramen, and it was a one-for-one deal at only $4.60! But the ramen expires on 26 October. Maybe it's alright to stretch the expiry of dried goods but I'll avoid it if I can. 


Did some swimming and yoga this week! Did a very simple 20min beginner yoga video to just get back in touch. I am prepping myself because my friends and I are going to be using Classpass next month! The stretch felt good and set me up for a productive morning. 


Been watching a whole slew of CNA documentaries! They are very interesting and provide much insight. I really recommend them! Here's a list:

  • Look Ma! I'm a Kid Influencer

    This one covers three kid influencers in Singapore. They model clothing, and promote products from toothbrushes, groceries, face masks, and of course, toys. Apparently the 'peak' of young IG influencers can be at 7 years old when they're not so small and "cute" anymore. Reality hits hard and fast.
    The parents manage the social media account, but people still send disgusting things like 'I like your armpit'. Yucks ok.

    Being a kid influencer also opens up a huge can of worms and is a very divisive issue. As seen in the comment section, there's a huge angry army of people thinking about how kid influencers are exploited, while the other camp thinks that it's fine as long as they enjoy it. What do you think? Really thought provoking video.

  • Young and Boss: 16YO Entrepreneurs

    I enjoyed this! This video features a hardworking slime maker and a teen who flips sneakers for a whole lot of $$$. Running your own business is not easy and it's really heartwarming to see people who put in their all. The girl can make 6k a month selling slime! Wow. There's a lot of sacrifice involved, but you can sense her satisfaction and pride in her business. I dig that.

    She also mentioned that it felt great using her own money to treat her parents, and also to bring them out on a short trip. Love that, so sweet!

  • The Hidden World of Non-Consensual Videos

    This one is particularly horrifying.  

    CNA got a spycam seller to install spycams around the room. No one could find all 6 cameras, and when they replayed the footage of themselves searching, the footage was extremely HD. Very disturbing and not for the fainthearted. This is the world we live in now, having to worry about mini cameras everywhere. I don't think hotels check their rooms so thoroughly every day? It's very scary!!! Someone could just set up multiple cameras and stream undetected for weeks. It makes me feel SICK and unsafe. (PSA: turn off all the lights in the room and look out for a faint red light. Using a flashlight may help you detect these too. Obvious places to check: TV, remote controls, pens, anything with a clear view of the bed/toilet. That includes the SOAP DISPENSER in the shower omgah)

    Victims of leaked footage and doctored photographs were also interviewed, but the one that takes the cake is the interview with a dude that took a shower cam. "I was shocked when I was caught, because I thought, so many people post but why me?" (Paraphrasing here, but he's not even sorry!!! He's just sorry he got caught!!) Grr. His reason for doing it also STANK.

    I felt quite nauseous after this video. It was a heavy one indeed. Honestly seeing the light go out of bellywellyjelly's eyes is also very heartbreaking. In every interview I see her in now, you can tell how affected she is, as if she can break down anytime. She was really such a chirpy and bubbly girl and I'm sorry she had to go through this. Grrrr. 

  • When Children Need Protection from Parents
    This video is also hard to stomach. Starving children, children who are hit and abused, children who grow up watching their mothers crush and pack drugs. This video gives you a look into how Child Protection Officers work, and how the court can sometimes disagree with their cases. You can see the fear and worry in their eyes when the case is rejected. You also see how aggressive parents can be towards the officers...sigh. Heart was super heavy just watching part one of this series.

    Watching this boy stuff fries into his mouth broke my heart. He and his brother often go hungry and sometimes have to go to their neighbour for food.

    His brother balls himself up and makes himself as small as he can. This pose is really heartwrenching too, because maybe he does this too when he is getting hit etc.

    Officers talk to children and draw with them, getting some information from them. Sometimes kids get slapped and kicked, and some miss school. Others have large cane scars on their face. 

  • Inside The Hospital Mortuary
    For the curious. It's interesting to hear the account of how the uncle who worked there talk about how he used to be afraid when he just started the job. Turns out there's more heartbreak than scares involved.
I think this post is long enough yeah? Plus it got real heavy real quick. 


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