A Mystery Book from The Novel Encounter 📖

Guess what I received in the mail?

It's a package from The Novel Encounter!

If you've never heard of them, The Novel Encounter offers mystery books and typewritten poetry. I think it's a neat concept!  

It was 10/10/2020, aka one of the BIG online shopping days, and they had a 10% discount so I just decided to try out the experience! I haven't bought myself a book in ages, so I thought, why not? #treatyoself #supportlocal  

I chose 'Dark Urban Fantasy'. You can pick from other themes like 'Caught in Crossfires', 'Lost from the World' or 'Love in Tragedy'. Everything is under wraps of course.All you get is a mini blurb.

Was holding my breath hoping that I wouldn't get a book that I read before. Luckily, all's good! 

Rest assured, since this is a mystery book I'm not going to reveal what book I received. That would spoil the fun for everyone. 

The package is neatly wrapped in thick creamy paper, and upon opening it you see a note and a nifty bookmark.

Here's the back of the book, with a print of a door knob - books as a gateway to other worlds, perhaps? It's cute.

I forgot how I found out about TNE, but I do follow them on Instagram! The dude behind the company, Adam Tie, is an author and does live typewritten poetry for events. Just give him three words for him to work his magic. I think these customised poems make a fun gift and experience. Novel indeed.

@thenovelencounter also does random chats and Q&A sessions with his followers on Instagram. People ask questions or just send in little snippets of their life, or simply talk about how they are feeling. It's a really nice cosy space to hang out online. Great engagement of audiences.

Overall, I enjoyed my mystery book experience. Here's their info if you're keen:


Gonna get started on my new book!