Cute DIY Mini Kitchen!

After my first brush with DIY homes (See my mini Rabbit Town Box) I gave myself a 10/10 treat and bought a DIY Mini Kitchen kit from Shopee. 

It arrived quickly.

There are also other scenes like a living room, a study, and a bedroom. Tons of other designs available too, including cafes, book stores, plant shops and bungalows with pools etc. Very cute.

This kit didn't include batteries, glue nor tweezers, so I simply reused those from my previous kit. White glue doesn't work... craft glue with a consistency like UHU glue works much better.

The furniture was much smaller than I expected! I thought it would be easier than the Rabbit Town. I guess not. There's also a lot of paper and wire work to do, and because they were so tiny, my finished products tend to look messy.

A lone stool 

Some process shots... and grumbling. Look at those mini wire handles on the cabinets, those killed me. I'm not very good at cutting cleanly with a penknife either. Cutting perfect circles are near impossible. Glossy paper also does not stick easily. (So many complaints and excuses haha!) I do love the wooden furniture they provide though. Setting up the circuit is also a breeze thanks to coloured wires.

My finished product!! I think the food is very cute. Check out the latte art!

Lighted up. Sense of satisfaction surging in 1..2..3

J'adore!!! the little forks. The toaster, pot, and anything that involved was really challenging. There was a transparent dust cover box that you can make, but I ended up getting glue everywhere and it wasn't very pretty... so no photos of that. Haha!

Here's a video/gif!!

I think this marks the end of such mini dollhouse projects. I just had to scratch this itch after looking at these cute mini dollhouses online for YEARS. I bought one more item during the 10/10 sales though, and that will be my next project! Wanna guess what it is? :-)