Making a Tiny Rabbit Town in a Box!

Hi lovelies!

I just made this cute rabbit town from a DIY kit and I wanted to share my experience with you!

I've always wanted to try my hand at such DIY kits but couldn't justify buying something that would have a 'one time use' and take up space in my room. 

However, recently I finally had a chance to try it out thanks to a National Day Giveaway from Blue Stone!


I won the 'In A Happy Corner' box kit! There are also other versions like winter, countryside etc.

We get the all important guidebook, which will include all instructions and paper templates you need to cut out. The guidebook is in Chinese. 

Upon unboxing, you will see several labelled plastic bags with materials, a metal tin box, batteries and craft tools.

We get a ruler, a small penknife, craft glue, tweezers and a cute rabbit stand for the finished box.

Getting Started!

The first step was easy. I cut out the background from the guidebook and pasted it into the metal box.

Then we have to work with some batteries and wires.

The pieces are really tiny! Cut the paper and paste them on their wooden counterpart.

Some pieces are easy to assemble.

Some are challenging. Had a hard time trying to twist the wires to make this balcony... as you can see it's REKT! The wires are supposed to be neatly coiled like the middle one, but it was really difficult to manipulate the shape.

Creating the structure of the townhouse!

Some things are super tiny. You really need to concentrate to cut out small paper plates and tiny street signs.

I completed the overall structure! We even have cute lacy curtains for the windows. The wire goes into a hole in one of the walls.

It's time to make some furniture! Here's a tiny cabinet. The beads were so small. You can see I had a hard time dealing with them with the ugly glue stains I left behind.

A newspaper paper box, metal flower chairs, and handsome bookshelves! Little miniature items really please the eye!

Making a round table, cutting a table cloth and making 'cake' from cutting erasers. (The guidebook specified that the cakes be cut into 0.25cm pieces.) At this point I was very amazed by the person who made the guidebook and designed the entire kit. The details are incredible!

Finished product!

Welcome to Rabbit Town! There's a bakery, a florist, a cafe, as well as a study and private quarters with a balcony. 

The plants were tricky to make too... the beads are super small!!! But I really enjoyed setting up this box :) It took me about 5-6 hours in all to assemble this. Crafting is such a fun pastime!

One photo without light: 

And a photo with light. Ain't it pretty? :)

Made a short gif/video to show you the parts in closer detail!

A photo of it on the wooden rabbit stand! Aww. 


  • Take frequent breaks or you will suffer from neck and shoulder aches!
  • Try to be neat with your glue. I have a lot of glue threads and leftover messy glue spots. Sometimes I use my own glue stick instead of the craft glue that is provided to minimise mess.
  • You don't have to work for an entire stretch of time - I did this over two sessions when I had time!

I guess my hunch was right - I knew I would enjoy such a hobby! This could be the first of many projects.  Of course, this DIY kit took time, but don't all hobbies? As long it brings you joy, I don't see any harm in it (your wallet might think otherwise).

Once again, thanks to Blue Stone for selecting me as the winner! This post is not sponsored - I just wanted to share my experience with this DIY kit!

Hope you enjoyed this post! :)