a more mindful way of living

Hi friends,

This post is about how I have been trying to be more mindful and productive, especially by cutting down consumption of social media.

"Technology is great when you can control it, and terrible if it controls you."

  • Deleted the Twitter app from my phone. I retain Instagram but disabled the Mobile Data function so I can only scroll it at home. No more mindless opening and scrolling! I have also deleted the Facebook app earlier on in the year. Facebook is very dangerous for me because once I get started on these random 30 second clips of shows, they keep showing me related clips and I get hooked on them. I'm glad to stop mindless scrolling!
  • I sleep early and wake early. It's astonishing how the morning seems to stretch on and on! I get 'extra' time to exercise or hang out with my family, which are nice things to do on a weekday. For example, I went to shoot hoops at 7.30am and also brought my mum to Yakiniku Like for lunch, and shared a bubble tea from Gongcha.
  • I switched off the Notifications for Whatsapp. The constant pings distract me, and I could put my phone on silent, but I also want to be available for calls. Nowadays, after disabling the notifications, I control when I look at my messages, instead of being at the beck and call of Whatsapp! It feels good and natural. I should have done this all along.
Overall I would say these new changes have been very easy to adapt to. I would say I'm on the path to a simpler, happier life just by disconnecting a little :)