Music Picks for You (Ellie Goulding, Jasmine Thompson/Zedd, Zara Larsson, Miley Cyrus)

 Hey guys!

Just wanted to share a couple of my favourite music picks these two weeks! The music releases have been coming thick and fast - all the musicians are working hard from home. 

My picks are all heavy hitters from some of my favourite female artists, whom I really admire for their voice texture and artistry.

Ellie Goulding - Brightest Blue

I really enjoyed Ellie's newest album! The previous few were alright but not entirely satisfying like this one. There is noticeably less of the repetitive pop choruses   (like On My Mind, Codes etc...) that she had been putting out, thank goodness.

Been looping the entire album for a month now. My favourites include:

  • How Deep Is Too Deep
  • Cyan (I loooooove this little snippet of speech.)
  • Flux (For fans of Ellie's simpler vocal arrangements)
  • Love I'm Given (you can hear a little of the Tessellate production style here)
  • Ode To Myself (I have not really heard this warm R&B tone from Ellie before! Digging it)
  • Brightest Blue (first verse reminds me of Charli XCX, but I love the pre-chorus flow!)
  • Worry About Me (with Blackbear)
  • Slow Grenade (with Lauv, this one really grows on you.)

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Jasmine Thompson and Zedd- Funny


Jasmine's warm, rich voice is to die for! Love the depth and honey vocals she has. The drop by Zedd is super bomb, I love head banging to it, and if there was a 8D version of this song, it would be even more out of the world!

The acoustic version brings even more emotion into it, check it out below.

Also, I don't know how she sings the chorus in one breath... been trying it out, lol. Mega lung power and breath control.

It's funny how you miss me 
More than you could ever love me 
How you couldn't give me everything 
And now you want it from me 
Yeah, it's funny how it's different 
Now that I got somebody 
Yeah, it's funny

Edit: She doesn't sing it in one breath for live shows.


Miley Cyrus - Midnight Sun

"I was born to run, I don't belong to anyone, oh no
I don't need to be loved by you"

Midnight Sun is a dark disco anthem which is enjoyable, but is also a theme that Miley uses very often. (E.g. Mother's Daughter : "Don't f*** with my freedom"  She's riding the current disco wave, but I would love to see more experimentation from Miley. 

I live for Miley's low vocal run at 2:59. Crazy satisfying. Really love how she deepened her sound over the years, it's unique and gritty! 

Zara Larsson - Love Me Land

Zara hits hard with her new single, Love Me Land. Her clear crisp voice cuts through dramatic, lush, layered vocals. Interesting flow and music arrangement, a really refreshing and bold release amidst all the songs using disco beats (The Weeknd, Dua Lipa). 

Found the verses rather boring because it reminds me of Zayn's Pillowtalk. Pre-chorus is fun! Super digging 'ey-ey-ah-ah' which really underpins the song. Been checking out her music and I'm anticipating more great releases from her as her sound matures. (Also, who on earth is May?)