Shin Ramen + Milk?

I'm a big fan of instant noodles, and watched this video where Aaron teaches you help to prepare your ramen 9 ways!

I've already tried the Tomato hack, which really made my instant noodles feel very healthy.
I've been putting off the milk ramen for a while now after some nasty incidents of cooking with milk (mushroom soup, hot chocolate on the stove).

But well, in the end curiosity overwhelms so we went for it! The instructions are easy. You just need a packet of Shin Ramen (spicy) or any noodle of your choice, and some milk.
  1. Boil and cook your noodles till about 90% done.
  2. Drain.
  3. Pour 350ml (or maybe 300ml) of milk, add the spice sachets,  noodles, and boil.
  4. Serve and enjoy! 

You gotta taste it to believe it, the creamy flavour and texture is amazing! I would say this experiment was a roaring success!!! 


P.S. I already ate this twice.