sweet things

Hello sweeties!

This post is just gonna be all about sweet things I've eaten for the past week. I don't think I can ever abstain from sugar...

First I baked more blackout brownies! By accident, I baked the Cakey versions instead of the Fudgey ones. But you know what? I find the Cakey versions to be closer to the Backyard baker brownies! Happy accident then. Made half a batch of plain ones and half a batch of nutella ones!

Bought these cute bags from Daiso (18pcs for $2) to store them and gift them! I'm sorry for using plastic but paper bags are not great because the oil/butter seeps through and the stains look unsightly. Lined paper bags are also not recyclable...

Glowing review from Peppy....'s owner! XD

We love nutella ooze. The great thing about home baking is that you can be extremely generous with whatever fillings you want. 

It's also birthday week over at my house because of my sister, so we have been receiving a ton of deliveries. Among them, let me highlight a few.

From Chye Seng Huat Hardware. My mum was like ????? when we told her the name Lolz. Had to explain it's the aesthetic/theme and not an actual hardware store... haha. 

I love lemon tarts! This crust is decent and delicious. The round cake is an Olive Raspberry cake in the right corner which I am a little hesitant to try. 

Delivery comes with two cold brew bottles! Blend is strong and potent! Be careful if not you might not be able to sleep. Haha. The hazelnut taste is very faint though~

I enjoyed this delivery very much!! 10 scoops of ice cream (coconut, thai milk tea, chocolate from KOKO Ice Cream. )

Next, a huge dessert box from Twenty Grammes. My favourite is the lychee ball and white chocolate tart over at the left! Love the fruity burst! 

Thanks to my sister's friends, I have 口福。

Signing off now!