baking blackout brownies 🍫

Hey sweeties!

My sister recently managed to get a 100g packet of Black Cocoa, and I thought it would be the perfect time to attempt Blackout Brownies from Buttermilk Pantry. This brownie recipe is inspired by the famous Backyard Bakers brownies that has a crazy following here in Singapore. They're popular and also interesting because there are strict rules on how to order via IG, and during CB there was a minimum ~$80 order for 12 brownies. Phew~

Heheh, luckily I had the chance to try their salted caramel brownie once, thanks to my friend Dailing who managed to snag them! It was truly rich, decadent and satisfying. I'm too lazy to make a trip down to queue and buy these though so let's try making something like it at home!

A pic of our night baking. This baking activity was supposedly to fill the time waiting for GE results to be out, but turns out it was postponed to 10PM and onwards. Honestly I don't think I can stay awake for the release of the full result lol.

Making blackout brownies seem much easier than the Famous Amos recipe that Buttermilk Pantry has (cookie dough has to be chilled 72 hours!!).


Haha we made round ones because that's the only tray we have XD They just look very... black lol but I promise they taste better than they look. 

We made three flavours - sea salt /plain, nutella filling and peanut butter filling. Here's the nutella one!

Taste and texture was pretty good, though I remember the original is be better! I heard that the brownie improves after a night in the fridge, so I'll try that and update again.

Okay yo I gotta go tune in the election results, it's getting EXCITING now that the sample counts are out.