never bake macarons on rainy days ☔


Had this inexplicable, persistent craving for macarons for a very long time, and decided to sate it TODAY.  Almost wanted to abort the plan to make macarons when I saw that the recipe called for almond meal, but it turns out that I could just use regular almonds and grind them into a powder with our processor/blender!

I used this video recipe from Yes, Please! It's my first time attempting to make macarons, infamous for its trickiness. I have no expectations whatsoever. 

lol the egg white looks so yellow in the photo. I also forgot to place my cocoa powder in this photo!
Once again, we had to whisk egg whites to become a meringue with stiff peaks! Been doing this so often lately (see: japanese souffle pancakes). 

I could not find my piping set so I just spooned the mixture onto this silicon mat my sister bought maybe 10 years ago. Lmao. As you can see it was a bit of a mess XD

I was too lazy and too impatient to wait for my shells to dry, especially after I tried some of the mixture. Dayummmm~ I could not bring myself to wait for an hour in Singapore's humidity. Maccy babies are best made in a "dry, cool" environment.

So I was pleasantly surprised to see that they somehow managed to bake! And even though they look kinda flat and ugly, they had FEET! OMGah yay. Left them to cool, but not before sneaking a bite.

They taste unbelievably better than expected! SHOOK! Will definitely try to make them again with more precision and care. I didn't bother with the nutella filling because I found them already sweet enough. Gotta find a less sweet recipe.

Macarons are super finicky and Singapore's humidity does not help...but I just wanna make more of these to EAT! Pretty photos be damned!

Things I Would Do Next Time:

  • sift my ingredients esp the almond meal
  • lessen the amount of sugar
  • pulse almonds with sugar to soak up the oil / or buy pre-packaged almond meal
  • use a piping set
  • make sure my macarons dry properly
  • never bake macarons on rainy days

Love, Skye

P.S. My sister made the zucchini brownies and they were soooooooo bizarre. My ugly macarons win this round!!!