Yakiniku Like 🍖 J-BBQ at PLQ

Heyo heyo!

A little late to the game but since we haven't been out much since CB, we didn't know about this J-bbq restaurant at Paya Lebar Quarter, haha! Gave it a go today.

The outlet opens at 11am, but at 10.40am there was already a queue forming! We went on a Sunday. Glad to be one of the first batch of customers to enter the restaurant as we were ravenous!

Menu! Their table is really cute too - the tray fits snugly into this panel. Space efficient and secure.
 We ordered these items:

  • Prime Karubi and Rosu Set (Boneless Short Rib and Beef Chuck) 200g -  $19.80 nett
    with soup, salad/kimchi, rice, and egg.
  • Sukiyaki Karubi 100g $5.90

In Japan, you can specify the size of the ramen portion you want. Likewise, at this J-BBQ restaurant, you can specify how much rice you want. (100-300g at no extra cost for larger portions). That caters to each diner's preference and hopefully helps to cut down waste. I appreciate these little thoughtful practices that the Japanese employ in their restaurant service.

This cute J-BBQ grill is small but great. Being forced to cook a small quantity at a time lets me savour my food at a more leisurely pace. If you have ever tried having bbq with your friends, you know it can get really chaotic and busy when you want to maximise the use of the grill and be efficient so everyone gets enough food.

The small grill also means you can dine solo with no fuss. Love it.

Our favourite cut of beef would be the boneless shortrib! It has the most beautiful marbling of the three cuts we had, and had the best texture. The sukiyaki wasn't as thin and tender as we thought but it was decent.

These were our last two pieces hahaha. We saved the best for last. The grill works really fast, so watch your meat!
You also get some sauces like garlic soy sauce and BBQ etc to dip your meat in.

I think there is some special smoke suction technology because this restaurant was smokeless despite all the hot grilling involved. A+!!!

Total bill was $25.70! How cheap! We'll definitely be back.

Things to note:
🍖 You only have 40 minutes to eat, so it's good to be a chop, chop, curry pok!
🍖 Be early to beat the queue

Yakiniku Like 

 #B1-28 PLQ Mall
(Opposite KFC)

10 Paya Lebar Rd,
Singapore 409057