small updates of nature things 🌿

This picture of scattered bougainvilleas was taken on a rainy day. I thought it looked lovely.

small updates
of nature things

We finally went to the beach for the first time in months. It was really nice! There's less of a crowd though it was the weekend. Guess everyone is really staying at home (or in the malls, lol). This picture looks really idyllic, does it not? But if you zoom in, you'll see the garbage man in a little beach jeep, clearing the bags of rubbish lining the beach. It's crazy how much trash we generate x_x

Recently I learnt that recycling in Singapore sometimes meant sending the items to overseas facilities to be processed... and if the recycled materials have nowhere to go, they still get incinerated. Worse, the energy used to recycle the product can sometimes be more than the energy required to produce the product. Yikes. All the good intentions from recycling are dashed in an instant. How heartbreaking. It seems like the best way to go is truly to reduce consumption.

In other news, I had another hornbill sighting. I always feel so blessed when they grace us with their presence. Recently I dreamt of a hornbill and its babies perched on a branch. A good omen I hope.

I also received my packets of free seeds from the NEA. You get two different edible vegetable seeds at random. We received Lady's Finger and Chinese Spinach! Still thinking about where to grow them though, especially since Lady's Finger will require some kind of pole as a support. 

We went to Macritchie Reservoir for a walk, but BOY it was SO crowded. I was glad that there were social distancing ambassadors to remind people to spread out. We left quickly because we were envisioning a relaxing walk in nature, and not a chiong session with an army of people behind us on a crowded two-way path. Nevertheless we got to enjoy this visual treat:

TRIPPY no? The water surface was really like a mirror. Gorgeous!

We also visited Changi Beach and enjoyed the Coastal Walk.

Spotted some boats with interesting names.

"Chilli Padi"

"Mistress 2" Haha, who is mistress 1 then?!
Lastly, I spotted a mulberry from a tree downstairs so I plucked one to have a taste. I love pronouncing the berry in a 'Chinese' way - like 猫-berry (mao/cat berry). It amuses me.

On hindsight it was probably not ripe yet, judging by how tart it was. My sister made a hilarious face when she took a bite. I think I'll wait till it's more of a dark purple next time! 

Hope you enjoyed this post of little updates.