Movie: Space Jam

Hey guys!

Watched a really old movie over the weekend called Space Jam! Sounds familiar?

Space Jam is a 1996 mixed media film featuring basketball legend Michael Jordan and the cast of Looney Tunes! It's a very family friendly movie that stays classic through the years. Light hearted and amusing. 

I might have watched the movie as a child, but I cannot be 100% sure. I am certain that I had some of its toys and merchandise though, like a little collectible chip that probably came packaged with potato chips. Anyone remembers these things?!

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Space Jam 2, starring LeBron James is slated for a 2021 release, so we thought we'll refresh our memories. 

For the uninitiated, Michael Jordan, though known for his basketball legacy, also played professional baseball. He later returned to playing pro basketball, where he still shone the brightest.

The Looney Tunes cast enlists his help for a basketball game against an alien crew. I missed these guys!

 Sylvester the cat is such a psycho cat...

I laughed at this scene - the characters saying that they are property of the Warners Brothers Inc. Lol!!

The mix of animation and conventional film is so fun! It's amusing to think about how they shot this with the green screen.

Plenty of fun basketball shots! 


The 1996 original promotional website for Space Jam is still up :) It is super cute!!! Check it out, it's a huge throwback. I love it.

I had fun watching this movie for sure. Maybe you'll enjoy it too!

Cheers to a great week ahead,