trash monsters take over east coast park 🚮

Hi everyone!

We went for a beach clean up on the weekend! It's my third cleanup already :) Started a little later this morning because of the early morning thunderstorms. I find it so sweet that many groups still went ahead with their plans despite the less than ideal weather.

There is one that is not like the others... spot the syringe! This is about 50 straws, we found even more after this photo was taken.

A collection of pink and purple toys and other items.

Made a trash monster with cigarette butts. We found more than 100 near the stone benches... sigh.

I counted about 115 cigarette butts or so!

Us stranded in the rain because I did not heed my mother's advice to bring an umbrella. We filled our bellies at 7-11 while waiting for the rain to stop! 

Still finding it a little difficult to access some the beaches without a car, but we'll see!