trashy tuesday morning 🍏

Hey guys! 

How have y'all been? I've been trying to volunteer at least once a week, clocking a minimum of 2h per week. It's not a lot when you think about since you have about 112 waking hours in a week! (16h x 7) Haha :)

Here are some of my finds today. The beach was quite trashy, despite weeks of cleaning by so many groups. 

The apples were still fresh! They had a chunk bitten off.

Other things not pictured:
  • N95 mask
  • Magnum packaging
  • Slippers
  • Mini Sprite bottle
  • Chilli padi
  • Lime
  • Make up (pink lipstick, mascara?)
  • CD cases
  • Huge 1.5l bottle with weird red water....

I dislike using black trash bags because they tear so easily. It was HELL trying to carry this to the nearest bin, but when I was done with my second bag, it has already been cleared by the workers! Yay :)

Trashy, trashy beach!

Cheers everyone! 

Beach Cleanup Series