#NEAseeds : Cucumber, Lady Finger, Chinese Spinach

Decided to use a community space for growing these edibles! Hope they grow ok! 

Used some plastic spoons lying around to make plant markers! Wooden ice cream sticks get mouldy in our humid weather. 

Day 4: the lady fingers have germinated the fastest! Excited to see them.

Day 6: The cucumbers and lady fingers are coming along well! The Chinese Spinach looks a bit like weeds, I can't tell them apart XD

Fast forward to Day 14, only the lady fingers are thriving. Only 1-3 cucumber plants can be spotted with small leaves. As for the Chinese Spinach, I can't even be sure if they sprouted or not - they could be grass or weeds! xD

16 Sep, Day 16: Who is eating my plants?!

IS IT YOU? I was so mad to find some humongous snails crawling about at night!!!! Maybe this is why my Chinese Spinach plants are all missing?!

Will my plants survive?! 

Answer: No. :'( 

RIP lady finger plants. Day 18.