#NEAseeds : Growing Xiao Bai Cai at home!

Hi my friends!

This post chronicles the growth of my Xiao Bai Cai vegetables!

The seeds are from NEA's program, Gardening with Edibles, hence the hashtag #NEAseeds. 

Households that apply receive two random seed packets. We received Chinese Spinach and Lady's Fingers. I then exchanged some seeds with my friends for Xiao Bai Cai and Cucumber! :)

Before planting I mixed my soil with blended egg shells, coffee grounds and expired tea. Lolz. #kiasu

Waited patiently for the seeds to germinate! On day 4 I had a dream that my plants sprouted and lo behold, they really did!! :')


On Day 5, we had 3 cute seedlings. I can't help but name them.

Day 8, more little babies are growing while the first trio has grown much taller :)

Added some plastic bird toothpicks to support my little XBC babies!

Some new? or old? seeds germinated and they got a little crowded, so I did a transplant for 3 seedlings. I think they might have died though.

The leaves are growing slowly but surely! The soil isn't as deep as I want it to be, I believe if I used more soil maybe the plants will grow faster and bigger!

Sep 15, Day 19: The rainy weather has resulted in flying gnats!!! AHHH! 
Xiaobaicai plants have since left my bedroom and joined the common plants in the living room.

Updates soon!



  1. Can you share more on what happen next? my XBC keeps dying after the baby stage cause the stem is too thin and weak to hold the leaves, and then it dies.. any advice??

    1. Hi there! I managed to harvest a little of my XBC. Those that I placed far apart (3 in one flat container) grew the biggest and had the strongest stems! Definitely want to avoid overcrowding. My friend who grew them in a deep pot managed to harvest large XBCs! All the best. My harvest pics here: http://www.skyesoon.com/2020/10/harvest-time.html (very small compared to my friend's)