Ultra-chiong Clean-up

7AM: I wanted to stay in bed, but a text message of my bf's morning run at 6.30am motivated me to seize the day!

Today's clean up is the most 'chiong' one for me. I was furiously picking trash because I had to be home earlier to get ready for work.

Was confronted with this at East Coast Park.

Omg right... I set to work ASAP! 

Yikes, a bottle of fuel.

I actually came across two soccer balls today.

A chess piece! A queen, perhaps?

Halfway through an uncle and his family said "Good Job!" and gave me thumbs up. Hehe thank you!
An auntie also chatted with me.Turns out she is part of a 5 person team, with some hailing from Ang Mo Kio to come clean up the beach on their own. Another auntie came by and remarked, "好公民!" (Good citizen) haha. It's always fun to interact with others on my cleaning sessions! Have not really joined a group cleanup yet because of my erratic schedule, but hope to do so sometime!

And.... here's some results after 1.5h! Forgot to take the other stretch, my phone alarm rang and I had to scoot!

I brought 3 bags today but they filled up super quickly! These 3 bags amount to 7.8kg. Used a straw and a plastic strap to tie the bags together.

There was still a lot of trash so I went in search of more bags! Fortunately there were Ramky uncles around and the uncle I approached gladly gave me two big bags! Hurray!

These were 6.23kg and 6.52kg!

The grand total is 20.55kg! Whoa!

That's the heaviest I have picked so far, wow. 

Rushed home to a quick breakfast and coffee! It was a productive day :) Have a great weekend everyone!