Tea Time: T2 French Earl Grey

Hello friends!

Welcome back to Tea Time! I haven't been updating about teas at all, sorry about that. Today's tea is from T2. It's a loose leaf French Earl Grey.

Now if you know me I'm not a fan of Earl Grey, at least those from bubble tea shops. I find the floral smell very overpowering, and prefer the earthiness of houjicha or oolong.

When I sniffed this however, I was surprised to note that the floral notes were rather light and dainty! Just a slight perfume. Rather like my favourite Whittard English Rose tea. The bergamot isn't very strong, but maybe it's because I had this tea for a while. I rarely drink this, but the package is open because my sister uses it to make earl grey cookies and chiffon cakes.

Looked at the ingredients, and yes, the rose petals must be why it smells so good.

Side note: Speaking of smells, I received an absolutely pungent 'Rose Tea'.... it assaulted my nostrils! The tea is very thick and strong, and I did not fancy it at all. Yikes. My dad received a free sample at the supermarket, and the lady said the tea will make you 'more beautiful'. Lmao.

I made two cups of tea - one I drank plain, and the other I set aside and added milk, just to see if it tastes and smells better than your regular earl grey bubble tea outside. I guess the emphasis is on the 'French' part of this tea, which is the extra fruity dimension it adds, setting it apart from the usual. 

The Milk Tea version was pretty smooth and nice! 0% sugar as compared to BBT outside. A step away from my sugar laden life is always a good one, I suppose?

Well, I would say that this tea is not bad at all!


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