Tea Time: Quintino's English Breakfast

Hello my fellow tea buddies,

How have you been? 

Today I wanna share this English Breakfast tea with you. It's a Loose Tea package from Quintino's and was a gift from Indonesia!

As English Breakfasts go, this is a decent strong and robust tea. Don't leave it in for too long to steep, if not your tea was be super strong and maybe even bitter.

I drink an entire pot of this on my own so I definitely do not let it steep for long. The consequences of doing so would leave me tossing and turning in bed at night, unable to sleep well. It's potent, guys, so proceed with caution.

A closer look. Their tea leaves come from Cibuni, West Java.

I used to drink Twinings English Breakfast almost every day at work. It was delicious, yes, but it also started staining my teeth. Lol.

Apparently after drinking tea we should brush our teeth, if not our teeth turns yellow. Read this somewhere on the net, but I'm too lazy to follow this advice.

I also like to add fresh slices of lemon to this and make my own Lemon Tea. I can't bring myself to add sugar due to health reasons, but sometimes I do add a dash of honey to sweeten things up a bit.

Till next time! Happy tea drinking :)