The New NDP 2019 Song

Hey guys!

With June just creeping up on us, I guess I shouldn't have been so surprised when the new NDP theme song was revealed.

This year, the song is called 'Our Singapore'. It's not an entirely new original song. It uses the 2002 NDP theme song, 'We Will Get There' by Stefanie Sun as a base, with some new verses and melody.

Every year, people complain that the new song sucks. So what they do nowadays is to put a spin on the old, trusted tunes. When it's out, people complain that we only get remixes and nothing new. Lol you can never win. /shrug

Here's what the video is about.

It begins in black and white.

Royston Tan yay!

Remember the days, we set out in faith?

Tracy Huang (黃鶯鶯) starts the song off. Yes, you already want to start singing along.

We are treated to a few of the veteran singers in Singapore. This is Rahimah Rahim.

The transition to colour and 'modern' times begins with this frame of Ramli Sarip, also known as 'Papa Rock' to his fans.

And who's next?

Our beloved Stef Sun! Wow, she still looks the same.

I think the bespectacled guy in the background is Evan Low (@evanturetime) , who helped to arrange the song. He makes songs with the likes of homegrown singers Charlie Lim, Linying etc. Listen to his latest single with Tim De Cotta and Vandetta here.

The gear up and say hello to our Mandopop darling and King of Ballads, JJ Lin Jun Jie! He never ages too.

You also get the new younger musicians like Charlie Lim and The Sam Willows. Hope to see more young musos join the lineup in the coming years!

And we also have Taufik, winner and heartthrob of the first Singapore Idol.

Next up we have two lovely ladies, Joanna Dong 董姿彦 and Joi Chua 蔡淳佳

Just wanna say, Joanna and The Sam Willows recently released the Chinese version of their song, Say So.

I thought Joanna gave a really refreshing take on the song and added much depth and emotion to it! Love the collab. As for the Willows, good on you guys for trying to tackle singing in Chinese and attempting to reach new audiences.

Sidenote: Saw a funny YouTube comment about Joanna's fellow Sing! China finalist, Nathan Hartono.

Enter the local rappers. Sheikh Haikel starts it off, before pointing to the younger batches of rappers, The Lion City Boy and Shigga Shay.

Check out Shigga's new release, 'Paiseh'.  And maybe revisit LimPeh and the very catchy Tapau.
The camera pans to some even younger rappers that I don't know. Lol. TBH there are a lot of people I don't recognise at all in this video.

I mean... I think only two or three faces here look familiar lol.

But of course I know Kit Chan, lah.

And Dick Lee.

We get some shots of our national athletes. Can't help but feel a surge of pride! Nation's finest?

I laughed out loud at this cuz Joseph Schooling was singing so enthusiastically.

The video closes with a huge 'awww' moment!

I mean omg how cute are these kiddos?

Amidst the usual discussion on the merits and faults of the new song, just wanna say that it was fun watching the video. People have likened it to the huge Avengers reunion scene, and they're not wrong.

Do I like the song? Well the new verses are not entirely easy to remember, but I like the spirit of the song. Holding on hope to a new song that will eventually be a new classic for all to enjoy.

Hahah one user addressing the haters of the song. His comment is so true!

Till next time!

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