Sapporo Ramen Miharu


Welcome back to yet another post of FOOD! Today Imma talk about

Sapporo Ramen Miharu

This ramen shop is quite well known if you know your ramen in Singapore and it has been on our To Eat list for some time.

So I was beyond excited when we finally had a opportunity to pop by Millenia Walk!

BTW, the shop is not inside the mall. It's one of the restaurants on the outdoor U shaped part of Millenia Walk.

Tokusen Miso on the top, and Gokubuto Miso at the bottom.

I ordered the Gokubuto Miso (8) which featured thick noodles. I loved this! The noodles were chewy, and the soup was rich and tasty.  (Yes, I desperately need to improve my food describing vocabulary.) What I can tell you though, is that soup is very comforting and I slurped it up real quick, almost finishing all of it.

The broth is also less salty than the Tokusen Miso (1), which has the thinner, regular ramen noodles. (BTW Tokusen just means 'special')

Both bowls came with a ramen egg and bamboo. The Gokubuto Miso didn't come with corn, but you can easily order an extra serving. Gyozas, whisky and beer are available too.

Also I'm curious: how do you eat your big piece of seaweed? Do you (a) smush it into your soup (b) try to salvage whatever crispy part is left and eat it ASAP? Is there even a correct way of doing this?

Other ramen I've tried (and remember) in Singapore:
Santouka (been here since I was a teen I think.)
Ramen Bar Suzuki (I LOVE the potato salad here. The ramen, not as much.)
Ramen Keisuke (and its various outlets across the island)
Bari Uma Ramen
Ramen Nagi
Menya Musashi
Ramen Hitoyoshi

Please DO recommend more AMAZING ones if you know of any!

Haha. Well, we much preferred this to Ramen Nagi, over at Suntec City, so we're gonna be back for sure. I especially want to try the Tsukumen (dipping noodles)!

Extra points for great smiley service and also being located in a chill place that's sheltered from crazy crowds. By now, you guys should know I love seeking out quiet spaces to dine at.

So if ramen is your favourite type of men, check out:

Sapporo Ramen Miharu
9 Raffles Blvd, #01-06/07/08 Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596

Live well, eat well, drink well.