Nipong Naepong (Jem)


I got to try this restaurant Nipong Naepong (Jem) when we went on our little adventure at Jurong Lake Gardens the other day.

So far the Korean fusion restaurants that I have been to have been really hitting the spot! (See also: Pizza Maru at Bugis+) so I would love to share this experience with you.

It's my first time having jjamppong, or ppong as named in this restaurant. It's basically a Korean noodle soup. Nipong Neapong is a fusion restaurant so I'm guessing they made this dish a little more westernised.

We had the lunch set which comprises of a main and a drink. The lunch promo is available daily, from 12pm to 2.30pm.

Enjoy Korean fusion ppong in various styles.

By the way, though the poster cites a 'citrus/grapefruit' tea, it turned out to be a fizzy soda drink with citrus/grapefruit peel and bits haha! Not complaining, just wondering where the tea is lol.

While waiting, you'll be entertained by the likes of K-pop groups like Blackpink, Red Velvet and Twice blasting on the radio. They're actually very uplifting and cheerful but the only problem is that you'll want to dance instead of eating your food.

Here comes the food!

The top seller, Cha Ppong (usual $15.80), is a classic seafood spicy jjamppong. It comes in two spiciness levels - 1 and 2. We played it safe and went for 1, but due to the chilli powder, ohmygod was it fiery! Shiok though.

The soup is the thinner kind so don't expect an army stew. kind of soup. And though the wheat noodles look like spaghetti, they were really tasty and chewy. Every ingredient pulled its weight. The cabbage was refreshing and sweet, helping to extinguish the fire numbing my mouth.

There was also a generous portion of seafood - there were five mussels and plenty of squid. (But only one piece of prawn, lol)

I loved that they used quail eggs instead of the usual chicken egg. It's a cute and nice surprise.

Next, we have the Keu Ppong - Cream (usual $17.80)

This ppong dish has a milk and cream sauce and was packed with a big helping of seafood too, similar to the Cha Ppong.

The Keu Ppong-Cream has two options- non spicy and spicy. We are glad that we got the non spicy because the Cha Ppong certainly packed a peppery punch!

Tip: So if you're dining as a pair, it's nice to order 'opposite' kinds of items for variety and also to neutralise any spicy foods you ordered.

I suspect that the two pieces of tortilla chips were largely for show, but the crunchy fish roe was a delight to eat. I would not recommend that you mix them in, but instead enjoy them as a clump - more crunch!

Our bill came up to a cool $31 after GST.  Waiting time was reasonable and there were even charging sockets under my booth seat. Maybe I'm lucky haha.

I hope to be back to try their tortilla based pizzas, which include a Coco Pizza-Coconut (shredded coconut, cream cheese, whipped cream) or the Ni Pizza - Sweet Potato. Or maybe one of their risottos!

Hope you enjoyed this review!

Nipong Neapong (Jem)
50 Jurong Gateway Road
#01-16 Jem
Singapore 608549

And their other branch:
Nipong Neapong (313)
313 Orchard Road
#B3-03 313@Somerset
Singapore 238895

Bon Appetit!


P.S. This restaurant is available on Burpple Beyond.

P.P.S We are not sponsored by Burrple nor Nipong Neapong LOL.