Netflix: Baby Driver


Some date nights we just hang out at home after dinner and nua. When it comes to Netflix though - it's difficult to choose what to watch. We have different interests and even on my own, it's sometimes hard to decide, so what more when you have to factor in another person's taste!

We have also used a Netflix generator to help us decide, but mostly to no avail. Do you guys have this problem or do you just give up and watch your own shows separately?!

So recently I decided that we were going to watch this movie called Baby Driver.  It's a heist movie with lots of action. It's not as flashy as Now You See Me or as slick as Ocean's Eleven, but more of a down to earth flick that doesn't pretend to be anything more than it is. 

It's appearing here on the blog because it was fun to watch together! Haha.

What's it about: Baby is the driver for heists. One day, sickened of deaths happening on the jobs, Baby decides to strike out and escape with his lover.

Duration: 1h 53min

Features: Ansel Elgort, aka the guy from The Fault in Our Stars (John Green) He has mad driving skills in this movie. Think super cool drifting stuff! He's also a very lovable, socially awkward character. (Side: I was Googling him and pleasantly surprised to see he will be in the movie, The Goldfinch! I really loved this book and hope the film adaptation will be as great!)

  • Fun music and long take video sequences! Some crazy driving too.

  • Chiobu like Lily James as the love interest. What beautiful eyes she has! Her eyes really sparkle and speak. The shocker is that she's actually 30 years old! Mad youth preserving skills.

Cute. That's 青春 for you!

  • Humour. "Is he slow?"
  • Will justice be served? You will wanna root for our protagonist. 

  • Kevin Spacey, now embroiled in several sexual and violent assault cases. The scary thing is that the cases span over decades, and involve at least 30 people. Read more here. There's an entire debate on whether we should even watch shows that have perps like that. And also I wonder if we can ever enjoy Michael Jackson purely for his music ever again, or have to think about the sexual allegation cases too. What a conundrum, if we can separate artists from their personal life/crimes, and whether we should.
  • Jamie Foxx. I  felt uncomfortable watching him act in this movie, as he was reportedly tight with Jho Low. If you don't know who Jho Low is, he basically robbed Malaysia of a shit ton of money in the 1MDB scandal. You can also read the book, The Billion Dollar Whale if you're interested to know more! Leo DiCaprio also appears a lot in the exposé, and well I guess these celebrities are just tainted by association for me.
  • The guy in red is Jamie. The hot chick and dude are other partners in the heist! 
Glad I finally branched out a little and not watch yet another blockbuster. Haha. Hope to find something cool to watch again soon!

Till next time!