Lotte Chocolate Rice Mochi Pie

Hi darlings!

This product has been out for a while now but if you have not seen or tried it, consider this your introduction!

I'm sure all of you are acquainted with the Lotte Chocopie. There are several variants of it, including Banana, Cheese and Green Tea. (Side note: Did you know that North Koreans really love Chocopie? Some receive them as their compensation and it was widely traded.)

As much as I love Chocopie, the Lotte Chocolate Rice Mochi Pie is very charming too. It's a rice mochi pie with chocolate filling and chocolate coating. No cake involved here.

Here's a close up. I found that if you heat up the mochi for about 5 seconds in the microwave, you get hot chewy mochi! A delicious treat.

I got my mochi pies for $5.30 at the Korean mart Koryo, but you can also get it from other Korean snack shops. It's even available on Shopee!

I hope to feature more yummy snacks soon! Drop me a message if you have any nice reccs.

Have a great day ahead :)