Upsized Choco Pie!

Hey sweeties!

Received a big Choco Pie House dessert from my sister to try today. It's an upsized, fancier choco pie!

At first I was skeptical as to whether this pie is from the same Choco Pie company that I love. The packaging looks rather different, after all!

After some Googling we found that the Choco Pie House actually belongs to the Orion Choco Pie company, not Lotte (whom I usually buy my choco pies from)! 

There are four flavours: original, cacao, salt caramel and red velvet. This is the salt caramel one!

Ooh, look at that gooey marshmallow and caramel. Taking the choco pie to new heights of sinfulness. Thick layers of sweet joy.

Another closeup. Don't you just wanna sink your teeth into this?

I wonder if you can tell that the choco pie is rather big?! Haha! This is a choco pie you should probably share with someone... but I ate 3/4 of this. #greedy

The red velvet one looks quite interesting too, hope to get a chance to taste it some day!

Fun souvenir to bring home from Korea, but one limitation is that you gotta consume this more quickly or it would probably spoil.