Baking Matcha Chocolate Butter Cookies

Hey lovelies!

Recently I found this matcha butter cookie recipe on the SAT group! 

If you have powdered matcha (I used Itoen), icing sugar (or powdered sugar), eggs and unsalted butter, you are pretty much good to go! Chocolate chips are optional. I couldn't find white chocolate chips anyway.

I split up this project into two days - the first day I mixed all the ingredients as instructed, then rolled up the dough and left it to chill in the fridge for a day. (You can also leave it chill for about 2 hours.)

Slice your logs into pieces, and off into the oven they go!

 15 minutes later...

I love butter cookies and I'm so glad these turned out well~

I made plain matcha cookies and matcha cookies with chocolate chips. Most people preferred the chocolate chip one!