Buckoo Pineapple Cake

Hey sweeties!

Recently my mum received this box of fresh (!) pineapple cakes from where else but the 宝岛 Taiwan!

Now, I think most of you would have received yummy pineapple cake ( 凤梨酥 ) souvenirs from Taiwan, and have tried some brands like ChiaTe, SunnyHills (which even has a popular branch at Takashimaya, Singapore), Chimei and more.

Generally, I find SunnyHills pineapple fillings to be more pulpy, bold, and tart, much like our SG open top pineapple tarts, while the ChiaTe ones are more subtly flavoured, blended and smooth, with a texture more like the closed pineapple tarts commonly found in Singapore.

But back to the topic, I'm here to talk about these pineapple tarts from 布穀鳥果子工坊 today!

Buckoo is basically '布谷鸟', which refers to the Cuckoo bird.

We have the Walnut Pineapple Tarts here today~~

Simple packaging
Resplendent in gold.

This is the walnut edition, so the pineapple cakes are topped with walnuts. I love them!

A peek inside!

These pineapple cakes from Buckoo have excellent crumbly pastry. Apparently they use special imported butter from France. Generally European butter is higher in fat, which makes pastry more crumbly and delicious I feel!

And you know what, I absolutely love all things buttery and crumbly. Like pies and tarts.  And Jenny Biscuits from Hong Kong. It makes me wonder why I bother eating the 'Danish' butter cookies we get from the supermarket in the iconic blue tin box (that is later used for storing sewing supplies and such.)

The filling is also not too sweet, and the walnuts are add a crunchy texture that complements the cake. Lovely.

Rating: 9/10
Extra 0.5 for approval from my mum so a total of 9.5/10!
I'll give SunnyHills like a 7/10 and ChiaTe ones 7.5/10. (P.S. I like to keep the ChiaTe ones in the fridge for a different texture too.)

However, you can't keep these for too long so it's a little inconvenient since you have to arrange for meetups ASAP to pass your friends these boxes. Or you know what, just keep them for yourself.

Freshly baked stuff really makes a difference and is worth the hassle IMO.

So if you're interested you can check out the bakery when you're in Taiwan, or better yet, get someone to gift you some ;)

Pastries are the way to a girl's heart, don't you agree?


Buckoo 布穀鳥果子工坊
Taipei, Taiwan

P.S. Also I realised I have more yummy food/sweets reccs from Taiwan that you may or may not have heard about, so I'll be posting them here! Stay tuned :)