3 Natural Home Remedies


Recently I've been into some home remedy, DIY skincare and hair stuff. I'm a lazy person when it comes to skincare and stuff. You know the famous Korean 10 Step skincare routine? The most I can get to is maybe...four or five in a night. 

However I've been in a super DIY mood, resulting in baking, cooking soups and everything, and I really like the idea of using natural fruits and vegetables to help my skin look healthier! So here's what I've been trying out haha.

1. Super Thin Cucumber Slices for eye circles

I picked up this cucumber trick from Subtle Asian Traits. I used to cut cucumbers the usual way, in round pieces, then slicing them into halves so they fit nicely under my eyes. Using the peeler however, slices them way thinner and hence they stick to my face better! It also cover more parts of my face without them slipping all over the place. Right now I'm actually typing this with the cucumbers on.

If you leave the cucumbers long enough, you get to feel a tightening effect. My first few uses showed a dramatic whitening effect too! My undereye circles and eye bags are terrible so I really like using this, especially as a before sleep routine to destress.

I put the leftover cucumbers into a glass container and repeat this the next day. I used to be lazy, but to avoid wasting the entire cucumber I do this religiously now. #nowaste

2. Lemon Juice + Coconut Oil for hair

Personally I do not like the pungent smell of vinegar, so all the apple cider vinegar home remedies are a no go for me. No way am I smelling of vinegar all day!

I once tried out a baking soda and lemon juice combo, but then after I read online that baking soda is pretty damaging for your scalp oops.

I dilute lemon juice with water, then add a lil coconut oil and rub it into my scalp. It supposedly helps to stimulate hair growth and gives you shiny hair too! Don't leave it in though, please rinse after 2-3 minutes because lemon is acidic.

3. Egg white + Tissue Nose Peels

I just get a little egg white whenever I'm using eggs in cooking. I find that the whole egg white is way too much, and since egg white spoils after a couple days, there's no sense wasting so much if you only need a little.

Just dab it onto your nose, cover with a tissue strip, then dab on more egg white. Peel off when the strip hardens! Good for removing blackheads...and hopefully less damaging from commercial nose strips?

What are your favourite home remedies?