6 Letter Coffee

Hey guys! How have you been doing?

I recently visited the 6 Letter Cafe in Tanjong Katong. The corner shop space used to house Burp Kitchen and Bar, and is just a stone's throw from TKGS.

I'm guessing... 6 Letter literally means the 6 letters in coffee? I could be wrong, haha!

6 Letter Cafe is a cute and cosy cafe with white/wood aesthetics, complete with hanging plant decors. They also house a mani-pedi shop at the back of the shop. Sockets are available.

Aight I know you want to see the food.

Smoked Salmon Croissant ($13)
I'm not sure if you can see, but half of the croissant is hidden under the creamy scrambled eggs, making it...soggy. So that half wasn't that great.

I much prefer the crispy, flaky, toasted top half. The smoked salmon pieces are lovingly crafted into cute rose buds, and overall this plate is a nice, light dish for people with big appetites (me).

Iced Matcha with soy milk ($8.50)

6 Letter Brunch ($15)
The 6 Letter Brunch comprises of a tasty savoury potato rosti, cooked to crispy outer perfection, while being moist and buttery inside. Accompanying the centrepiece are sauteed mushrooms, a lovely sunny side up, fruits, some side salad and smoked salmon. The strawberries and kiwis are a little unexpected for me but were a nice touch, adding refreshing zest to the plate. Nice balance over all! This hearty 6 Letter Brunch is more my cup of tea, and I would totally order this again.

I didn't order any coffee cuz it was already 6p.m! Can't have any caffeine at this late in the day haha.

We used Entertainer 1-for-1 for this meal and the bill came up to $23.50 including the $8.50 drink.

You can also use Favepay or Grabpay here.

Definitely an endearing cafe that I hope will stick around!

6 Letter Coffee
259 Tanjong Katong Rd 
Singapore 437047