DIY Repairing a Bike Puncture

Hey guys!

Today I'm really proud of myself because I managed to:

  • Remove my bike tyre (!!!) from my bicycle
  • Locate and repair the puncture on the inner tube
  • Put back the tyre!

Dismantled bike tyre!

Encountered my second flat tyre yesterday and had to roll my bike home. Was distraught for a while, but I remembered this quote I saw.

Instead of asking myself,  'Why did this happen to me?'
I asked myself, 'What is this trying to teach me?"

This helps a lot in shifting my attitude. Turns out I learned how to fix my own puncture as well as remove and install wheels - handy skills to have! Hehe.

I just sent my bike in a couple months ago to fix some problems, so I really wanted to try to fix this flat on my own. Couldn't hear the leak, so I thought it might be just a small puncture that I could possibly fix. Thank you YouTube!!~

Here goes nothing~

If you have not dismantled a bike tyre before, you may not know that the bike actually has an inner tube, and another outer rubber tyre. My inner tube had a small cut. Don't see any sharp foreign object that may have caused it though.

Didn't have a patch kit so I just used what was at hand - my dad has contact glue/cement glue so I used that! Then I covered the repair with more duct tape and cement glue. Some people on YouTube use superglue and paper! :O

Hope the bike holds up, it seems to be working fine right now. Fingers crossed!

I also replaced my own guitar machineheads! Proud of myself for trying HAHA.

DIY projects also helps me to learn about the small details, whether it's a guitar, bread or a bicycle! It really helps me appreciate my belongings even more, which is nice in our throwaway culture. The more you attempt DIY projects, the more confident you feel. Next time when I encounter another bike problem, I may just get some replacements from Decathlon and try to fix the problem myself instead of wheeling it to the bike shop.

Till next time!