South Union Park

Hi guys!

Recently I went to the cafe South Union Park, near Kembangan. It is nestled in a mainly residential area and I thought I was in the wrong area at first!

Location wise, the cafe reminds me of Paddy Hills or Wimbly Lu (Serangoon) kind of cafes, or maybe those in the Siglap area, in a little shophouse kind of outfit.

The place was absolutely bustling on a Sunday, during lunch time, so be prepared! The place is popular with families, couples, and groups.

Food was okay, but oh god the sound management was terrible. In the small echoey space, every group was trying to raise their voice to be heard and it was really loud and difficult to hold a conversation. We got out ASAP once we were done with our food. Hope they can work on their acoustics?! Definitely not somewhere you want to go on Sunday if you're looking for a quiet nook to chill.

We ordered the Duck Confit pasta. It came with strips of duck meat, which was surprising as we are used to being served the entire duck leg for duck confit dishes. Haha. The pasta was okay though! However, we didn't know that they used pine nuts and other nuts in the dish, which was not good news for my friend who had allergies to nuts.

My mentaiko prawn pasta was better and tastier in flavour! Not much mentaiko spotted or tasted, but it was still yummy. I prefer the mentaiko pasta from Stateland/Brother Bird at Bugis though!

We skipped coffee here because they didn't serve soy milk in replacement for milk... unfortunately another no-no for my lactose intolerant friend, YL, who also took the fun GIF for this blog post cover pic!

Overall I think we could have had a better dining experience if we came on a non-peak day. The noise level was just too much to really sit back and enjoy the meal in peace. Kind of sad about my experience, because the cafe is quite raved about online for their creativity in dishes! I just couldn't bring myself to order their beef chocolate pasta though!! XD 


P.S. No Burpple or Entertainer here, so we paid $50ish for these two dishes. (Spoilt rotten by these 1-for-1 apps!)

South Union Park
101 Jln Kembangan, Singapore 419139