Movie: Maleficent - Mistress of Evil


What's up? Haven't been watching many movies lately, but caught this one by Disney, thanks to my movie buddy! 

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil
Duration: 1h 58min

Lol the cinema was crazy PACKED wow. It was the big theatre too! Guess there isn't much to watch this month really.

Me after the movie: What happened in the first movie ah? *clueless*
Chanel: Lol. That's why I watched the first movie last weekend.

If you're like me and completely forgot what happened, here's a short abridged version of what went down.

Movie 1
Maleficent is a powerful fairy protecting the Moors. She falls in love with a human called Stefan.The King tries to attack Moors and naturally she attacks and wounds him. He declares that anyone who kills her can marry his daughter and rule the kingdom.

Stefan is ambitious and traitorous, and goes for this. However, he couldn't bear to kill Maleficent, so he cuts her wings and claimed that she is dead. ULTIMATE BETRAYAL THO!

Stefan marries the princess and later they have a daughter, named Aurora. Maleficent curses this baby in revenge. To protect the baby, Stefan sends her away to live with three bumbling pixies.

The pixies are super incompetent though, so Maleficent ends up watching over the baby and slowly falls in love with the cute lil girl. But Aurora grows up and touches the spindle, fulfilling the curse. Maleficent abducts a prince but his kiss doesn't wake her up (lol). Maleficent says sorry to Aurora and kisses her forehead. Aurora wakes up then.

More fighting ensues, Maleficent gets her wings back, and then it's time for Movie 2.

Movie 2
(Now is a good time to leave this page if you do not want spoilers. It's a movie blog discussion page, not a promotional page haha.)

  • Angelina Jolie is so charming to watch. Those cheekbones just got crazier when she's a fey. She really carries the whole movie haha. I feel like Aurora is more of a forgettable character, just a pawn in the game. Not a very likable character also, and less screen presence IMO. It was mostly a battle between the two older women. 

  • Chanel told me they changed the male lead. Haha I didn't notice really.
  • I felt like one of the warrior dark fey was introduced just for some testosterone and sexual tension for Maleficent lol, I mean look at all the meaningful stares they shared.
  • Maleficent is a movie mostly about many female characters, which is nice!

    Sometimes you just get sick of watching shows with men in power haha. As if that doesn't occur enough in real life and most shows.

  • Herding the Moorfolk into the church reminded me a lot about Auschwitz T_T Some bigger themes of war explored in the movie. The violence against the poor helpless magic folk though!!! Kind of glossed over by having a quick wedding after a massacre ?!?!?! Is this us being desensitised?
  • Tree scene reminds me of Groot.
  • The mushroom was really cute omo!!
  • Why are the three fairy godmothers so... useless?
  • When girls want garden weddings, maybe they really want one that's so magical, with lots of flora, fauna, and butterflies. It was a pretty scene but haha I feel nothing for the couple. Everything just pales in comparison to Maleficent's scenes.

  • A BTS shot cuz I thought this pic was super cute!

Movie Rating: 6.5/10

What did you think of the movie? It seems to be more action packed than the previous film, and Angelina Jolie is definitely a joy to watch. Other than that, I can't say I strongly recommend the movie. I think I would love it more if there was more focus on the magic folk - fantastic creatures are super intriguing to me.