Pocky x Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Hey ya!

Japan snack brand Pocky has a collaboration with Ya Kun Kaya Toast~ It has been out for a while now, but I was super lazy so I only got down to trying it today.

These food collabs keep coming and well...we keep lapping them up despite knowing some will fall short of expectations. Lol.

There are two flavours - Kopi O and Kaya Toast, and they retail at $2 per box. It's quite popular and tourists also buy them in cartons, as souvenirs for their friends and family overseas.

The eggs would have completed the picture but as usual, I slurped them up before we took a proper pic. Haha. Also, after baking bread, I now better appreciate every slice of bread I eat. How are these steamed ones from Ya Kun SOOOO fluffy? Fluffier than my own pillow.

Smell of pandan is quite strong, and the Pocky stick is expectedly sweet. It's mostly a cute novelty item to me. Great marketing stunt for both companies. For Kaya related pastries, I like traditional Kaya Puffs, and maybe Kaya rolls from Bengawan Solo. Can't really get the full flavour of Kaya here.

This flavour can't beat the classic Chocolate flavour, but is still worth trying (and sharing). Wondering what the Kopi-O flavour will taste like!


P.S. There's a new Jumbo Seafood x Pocky tie up with Chilli Crab too! And there are Old Chang Kee Curry Puff chips too. Have you tried these new flavours? What do you think?