Windowsill Pies

Hey sweeties!
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(Yes, that's what I'm going to call you whenever we have a sweet tooth post!)

Windowsill Pies is a cheerful 3 storey shophouse cafe at Haji Lane (Bugis). You can seat yourself on the first or third floor. The second floor is the kitchen.

For some reason, I always have the idea that shophouses are very hot and stuffy. Probably cuz I never ever felt literally cool while visiting any of the Katong shophouses. Luckily, Windowsill Pies left their aircon on strong, which was a great respite from the heat outside!

I don't really visit Haji Lane in the day time, and was really surprised by the number of tourists plaguing the street to take photos! Well, the street is vibrantly coloured with kooky murals and hanging decorations left from the F1 events.

On the third floor, there was also a huge teddy bear sitting in the corner of this 'attic' space of the third floor. All I can think about is how a girl/dude, (can't remember) hid inside the huge teddy bear and pranked her husband. There are various huge teddy bear pranks like this, I remember one girl running around the supermarket with the stuffing dropping out!

There were comfy couches but we chose the chairs and table for the best comfortable eating position. Felt bad about the staff climbing up 3 floors just to pass us our drinks, so we took down our tray when we're done!

We used the Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 set which includes a pie and a drink.

The drinks were pretty average. The macchiato was super bitter? The coffee used is very acidic. The drinks were sadly also in a plastic cup and paper cup. Save the earth please...

However, good news is that the pies were absolutely lovely!

You can also choose from other flavours like Smores, Coconut Lime, Cherry, Honey Macadamia and more.

We chose the Lemon Strawberry and the Pecan Pie!

I'm a huge sucker for lemon tarts so I definitely could not miss this one.

Lemon Tart:
You will probably cringe at your first taste of lemon sourness. Way to bring a refreshing kick! Enjoyed this tart though. Don't really taste or care for the strawberries though. Meringue frosting was yums. 

Pecan Pie:
Wished this one could be served warm! That would be perfect. The pie was very sweet and delicious. Prefer my tart bases to be even more buttery, but this was pretty good! 

I'll be back for more pies and tarts! Come to think of it, I have one more favourite tart to introduce to you. I'll be back to blog about it soon!

Till then,

Windowsill Pies
17 Haji Lane
Singapore 189210