Tea Time: Butterfly Pea Tea

October 24, 2019


Listening to: 新不了情 

During my BKK trip I found several shops in Chatuchak selling dried butterfly pea flowers for tea  (about 80 baht for a small packet). I resisted buying them as a souvenir because I drank this tea before and although its a beautiful blue, it didn't seem to have much flavour to it?

Later I found them even cheaper at a Big C supermarket, so I finally caved in and purchased one!

Here's what they look like:

TBH it does not smell nice, unlike dried roses. I made a face when I opened it.

First minute! Quite funny to be drinking...something blue.

Hmmm. Feeling a little apprehensive about this blue drink.
There are apparently health benefits to drinking butterfly pea tea, such as releasing antioxidants (like green tea), or reducing pain/inflammation. The internet says it helps to fight some cancers too.

After a couple of minutes! Not much taste. Rather earthy and clear?

Haha. I googled more and found that I could cause a colour change by adding lemon!

Cool or what? Looks like a great idea for a small science experiment for kiddos at home! 

You can also attempt to make a beautiful gradient drink like this:

Picture from loveandoliveoil

Well, this is was a fun tea to try, but its really just novelty for me. Not into the taste or aroma at all. I much prefer my green teas and houjicha. Haha!


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