Baking Bread

Hey guys!

How are ya?

One night I couldn't sleep and ended up watching....bread videos at 2am. Bread seems so fun to make! 

So the next day, I got down to baking some bread at home. I already had plain flour, dry instant yeast, eggs, olive oil and sugar at home, so I just needed some milk. That's all you need to make this simple loaf of bread!

I used the video and recipe from Jenny Can Cook. Jenny is very humorous and likeable. At one point she smacked the dough and said, "Who's your daddy?" Hhaha how can you not giggle?

She doles out a lot of practical advice for baking too. Hence, I prefer her charming personality to aesthetic and ASMR driven cooking videos that are prevalent on YouTube nowadays. She really gives us the 'human touch'. 

The original recipe used Whole Wheat Flour but I only found Wholegrain, or Wholemeal flour in Giant and NTUC. Boy there are so many types of flour, and it can be so confusing sometimes. Ended up using plain flour for the white bread recipe instead.

Back in the kitchen, we gathered and mixed the ingredients together. Mixing bread dough is not so fun because the mixture is thick and heavy. A mixer would be great at this step! Or it could just be arms day for you.

I found kneading super fun though!!! The dough gradually got so fluffy, soft and Q, oh my I'm in love. (Maybe this is what it feels like playing with slime...?) (Side note: Maybe I can make my own noodles someday...)

Here's our dough, aka baby bread, after its first rise! It grew so much in a span of 10 minutes. 

We put the bread baby to bed, to rest in the bread tray and pre-heated the oven before popping it in. 

Looks quite legit at this stage right? I am proud of myself already.

It got real funny cuz the bread rose even more into the oven. Literally rising to greater heights!!

The smell of baked bread wafting through the kitchen= bliss~

Bread baby baked for about 30minutes in the oven. 

Presenting our end product~

We all knocked the bread crust for fun in the first five minutes and it seemed really hard at first and I was worried that the bread would be too dense and deemed unpleasant to eat.

Luckily it softened as time passed and the bread cooled down. We waited patiently for at least half an hour before we cut the bread because cutting it too early affects its texture.

Oh my... the inside of the bread was fluffier than I expected! We were as pleased as punch.

Taste wise I only used one tablespoon of sugar and a lil pinch of salt, so the bread didn't have much taste. It is really as advertised - plain white bread! Lol.

Will improve on this and maybe try bread flour or hunt down some whole wheat flour somewhere.

Here's a better look. Our baby bread grew up well :') The bread smelled wonderful too.

The bread is not very easy to slice though, so a bread knife would probably be handy here. The saying 'best thing since sliced bread' comes to mind. We take a lot of things for granted nowadays.

I definitely look forward to baking the next loaf! Maybe a focaccia, considered an easy and forgiving bread for beginners? Hmm.

If you're bored af in Singapore, I recommend baking with your SO, friends, or family if you have access to an oven (or maybe try no bake recipes). It's a fun, rather cheap, and oh-so-very satisfying bonding activity. In the end you still bond over food, but in a different dimension this time since you actually made the food yourselves. Cleaning up is also much more agreeable when you have more pairs of hands! Hehe.