Neighbourhood Gems: SL II Muffin Egg Tarts

Hey sweeties!

I'm back with another tart post, after session with our lemon tart and pecan pies. I am super in love with these silky egg tarts, that resemble beancurd tarts!

Got them at the Aljunied branch, in the Geylang East food centre near the polyclinic. Egg tarts go for $1.20 a piece, and 6 for $6.60.

They also sell muffins, coconut tarts and more!

Other branches, including Golden Mile, Tampines and Hong Lim Food Centre.
Let's unbox!

Sometimes the egg tart is a lil jiggly. This egg tart is closer to a beancurd tart, or a custard tart. I love the thick tart shell! 

The egg custard is not too sweet, and you will not get jelak feels. I ate two today already. Haha.

Strongly recommend if you ever come across these lovely egg tarts. Gonna go try their coconut tarts soon!

SL II Muffin 
Blk 117 Aljunied Ave 2 #01-68 
Singapore 380117


Till then,

P.S. Know any grrrrrreat tart pastries place to try in Singapore? Leave me a recommendation below!!


  1. I fell in love with beancurd tarts the first time I tried those from the ever-popular Although the tart crusts were a tad too thick on my second purchase. Can't wait to try out your recommendation when I'm in the area!

    1. Hi! Yes, I really love the beancurd tarts from Le Cafe too! Sadly I have heard that the SLII Aljunied branch has closed, so we might need to go to another branch :( I hope you manage to find them and hope you will like them! :)